Electricians Wanted

Contact us to find out how you can quickly start earning with the Meter Beater PU-1200 Energy Saver.   Our goal is to become the “Company of Choice” when it comes to Residential Energy Controllers.  We can only accomplish this by offering superior products and superior customer service.

Guaranteed Savings

6-25% Savings Guaranteed with the Meter Beater PU-1200 Energy Controller. You’ll love opening your utility bill and comparing the difference after you’ve installed your Meter Beater PU-1200

Green Your Home

The Meter Beater PU-1200 is one of the most simple, proven ways to green your home.  With installation in typically less than one hour, there’s no reason to wait any longer.  The Meter Beater-1200 is the most affordable, cost effective residential power saving device available today.